Scripture Reading: Romans 5:3-5

He knoweth the way that I take. Job 23:10

One of the words most frequently used by little ones in the home is the word, "Why?" Those of us who are God's spiritual children seem to be infatuated with the same expression. "Why does the Lord allow me to suffer so?"..."Why did the Lord take my loved one from me?"..."Why doesn't the Lord answer my prayers?"...Why?...Why?...WHY? God does not always choose to give us the answer here, but we may rest assured that there is a sufficient and weighty reason for everything which He sends. All is shaped by His hand of love and is dispensed according to His unerring wisdom. Trials, sickness, disappointment, everything is working together for our eternal good. We are receiving exactly what we would request if we could see as God sees! Therefore, whatever comes of apparent good or ill, give thanks for it! (Eph. 5:20) Our insistent and often faithless "WHY" finds its sufficient answer in the gracious and comforting words, "HE KNOWETH!" (H.G.B.)

I promised a doll to my dear baby girl;

I pictured a treasure most fair,

With exquisite features, and teeth of pure pearl,

Moving eyes, walking limbs and real hair!

We entered a shop, and the dear little maid

Clasped a cheap, tawdry doll to her breast;

To make the exchange I was really afraid,

Though I wanted to give her the best.

I took it away, and the tears filled her eyes,

Till I gave her the one I had planned;

Then the dear little face glowed in joyous surprise

That a dolly existed so grand...

Oh, Saviour, I too am a child in Thy sight,

I choose the first things that I see;

I struggle to keep them, I do not know quite

Why the Father should take them from me.

But when I look back, through the wisdom of years,

When my faith is age-old and sublime,

I know I shall see, through a rainbow of tears,

That my Father planned best, all the time!

— Anon.

"Trial is the school of trust!"

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