Scripture Reading: Hebrews 13:5-8

...for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

Charles H. Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, often spoke of God's faithfulness and watch-care over His own. One time when he went into the country to preach, he had rich opportunity to test his own faith in this regard. As he was riding along he was shocked to find that he had lost his ticket. The only other occupant of the compartment noticed him fumbling in his pockets and said, "I hope you have not lost anything, sir." Mr. Spurgeon told him that his ticket was missing and that by a remarkable coincidence he also found that he had neither watch, nor money, nor anything valuable with him. "But," said Spurgeon, "I am not at all troubled, for you see I am on my Master's business and have had so many evidences of Divine Providence in small matters, as well as in great ones, that I am bound to experience His aid in this difficulty as well." Shortly thereafter a ticket collector came into the coach. He tipped his hat to the preacher's companion, who in turn said something to him in low tones. The man immediately left the compartment. "It is very strange," said Mr. Spurgeon, "that the collector did not ask for my ticket." "No, Mr. Spurgeon," said his companion, "it's only another illustration of what you have been telling me about the Providence of God watching over you, even in the little things. You see, I am the general manager of this line. No doubt it was divinely arranged that I should happen to be your companion just when I could be of service to you." Once again God had rewarded Spurgeon's faith.

Someone has said concerning our text that it is hardly possible to give the word order as it is found in the Greek. There are actually five negatives in the one sentence. Literally translated it would probably read: "Not will I fail thee! Nevermore! No! Never and by no means will I forsake thee!" God will never desert us in any circumstance. No! Five times no! Trust in His faithfulness and take new courage! (H.G.B.)

I know that He is close to me, My Guard — my Guide;

He leadeth me, and so I walk quite satisfied. — Anon.

"When you are at your wit's end — God is still in no perplexity, and HE CARETH FOR YOU!"

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