Scripture Reading: Numbers 13:26-33

And there we saw the giants...and we were as grasshoppers. Numbers 13:33

In my garden I have four rows of everbearing strawberries; a fact which has evidently been proclaimed from the housetops to all the robins, starlings, and brown thrashers in the neighborhood, and they have been having a picnic. So I spent quite some time building a scarecrow from a couple of broom sticks, over which I draped an old coat, a pair of trousers, and conspicuously frosted the whole with a white hat, set at a jaunty angle. But I was in for a surprise, for this morning a wise robin was perched right on top of the hat singing at the top of his voice, "Free strawberries here." I found out there are two kinds of birds; wise ones and stupid ones. The stupid ones sat in the trees about the garden but dared not come near. They were fooled by a scarecrow. But the wise ones welcomed the message. They know a scarecrow is simply an advertisement in disguise. It is an invitation to a banquet.

The Bible tells of some scarecrows and some birds, both wise and stupid. Moses sent twelve spies to bring in a report of the promised land, a land of milk and honey, of fabulous fruits and blessing. But ten of them never tasted the fruits for they saw the scarecrows (the giants and the walled cities). But there were two wise "birds": Caleb and Joshua, who believed God had given them the land, and they were not fooled, but said, "Let us go up at once and possess it."

The Lord has prepared a rich feast for His children, but the "scarecrows" of doubt and fear, of sacrifice and toil prevent many from ever enjoying all the Lord has for them. The ten faithless, fearful birds lost out — the ten spies never reached Canaan. Only the two who had faith — Caleb and Joshua — entered to occupy their possession. Go in and possess the land by faith. The giants will all fall before the ones who dare to trust! (M.R.D.)

Others saw the giants, Caleb saw the Lord;

They were sore disheartened, he believed God's Word!

— A.E. Richards

"Satan always provides us with an enlarging glass for our troubles, and a blindfold for obscuring God's power!" — G.W.

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