Scripture Reading: Psalm 61:1-4

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. Psalm 56:3

Jenny Bitsy was a pretty little Indian girl. Some years ago she was taken into the missionary hospital in New Mexico in order that she might receive treatment for rheumatic fever. She was a sweet child but was very weak physically. She had been given a hymnbook and a Bible and these she always cherished and often carried with her. Jenny was a model patient; always kind, obedient and cheerful. In fact, the matron often stated that Jenny seemed almost too sweet and angelic for this evil old world. Her health continued poor and it was noticed that her tonsils were tremendously enlarged and would have to be removed. Surgery, in her case, would be dangerous, but, as it was absolutely necessary, preparations were made. Jenny said she was not at all afraid, for she loved the Lord Jesus and trusted Him very much. A very strange thing happened when she was on the operating table; although she was under ether, she unexpectedly regained consciousness and said just six words, "Dear Jesus, take care of me!" Said the missionary pastor, "We shall never forget those words, they were the last ones this little girl ever spoke on earth, for after the operation was completed and they were about to wheel her to her room, she stopped breathing. Jesus took Jenny Home! Everyone at the mission station was heartbroken and yet, when the other Indian children sang at her funeral, 'Safe in the Arms of Jesus,' all seemed to realize that Jenny's prayer had been answered in a manner which God knew was best. Jesus was taking care of her in a most glorious way, showing her all the wonders of His precious Home above."

Oh, for the faith of a Jenny Bitsy so that in all of life's circumstances we may be smiling and unafraid, confidently trusting our all into His hand of love with the simple prayer, "Dear Jesus, take care of me!" Such faith will find a rainbow in every dark cloud, and the sparkle of God's love in every teardrop! (H.G.B.)

Nothing is hid from His all-seeing eye,

Never a teardrop, nor even a sigh;

"Careful and troubled" you never need be,

Trust Him completely and doubtings will flee.

— W. Nienhuis

"A firm faith in the promises of God is the best theology."

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